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    Question Unanswered: Error -3034

    Hey folks,

    I'm fighting with error -3034, at least, I was told that is the error.

    I have a Access 2007 DB hosted on Sharepoint with local copies saved to individuals machines that synch up occasionally. Right now, it's on my computer, and one other persons.

    After he synchs, one form completely breaks, it will not open, and gives the -3034 error, but this error has no details to go with it.

    I can synch my copy, and it works fine. I cannot recreate the error on my computer.

    If he saves a "fresh" copy onto his computer, it will open, but it does end up breaking again. I haven't been given the exact steps he takes, but I cannot get the form to break using the steps he thinks he took to break it on his end.

    Any input would be appreciated. I've only began to troubleshoot, but I wanted to ask incase this is caused by something particular.

    If I had any wisdom to impart, I would do so here.

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    "after he synchs" which direction? move to working locally? or moving the local data back to SP?

    one presumes there is some code in the form's open/current/activate/load event that isn't able to run for some other analysis is really possible at this point....

    we had troubles using SP as the hub - not technical but rather people management - and went with - Home - - while it doesn't sound like your issue is necessarily caused by SP just something to keep in mind....

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