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    Unanswered: need help for warning msg every 6 mounths of contrat

    i have project to do, but really i'm very confiose for much things i must to do. for that i come here to ask for help if anyone have little time and be patient

    well let me talk about the i mportant:

    i do the basic things, and left the complicate things for search and learn
    and help from you.

    what i'm looking for:

    i have database wih customers, there are two tables one loyal customers and
    other free customers, everything i need just applicate of loyal customers.

    2- i need like warning every 6 mounths show message box warning there is
    some customer make 6 mounths and need make notes. in same time the warning
    stay active because maybe i wasn't able to check the program in the same day
    that have some customer already make 6 mounths, stay the message warning
    apear till i make notes and in same time already start counting for next
    warning 6 mounths.

    P.S : if you see the loyal customers, there are some customers have two
    contrat or more just for same customer. if any question for explain well i'm ready

    thank you so much for attention and try help
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    so create a query which extracts the customers who meet whatever criteria

    look at the dateadd fucntion to add 6 months to wahtever trigger date yu need. that gives you a query . heck you could say have the query extract say 5 months or more since last contact and report them. that wuery could be the feed stock to a report or a form or both, depends on how the business works, if they are screen based or like to see bits of paper.

    you cna use the same logical construct using dateadd or datediff functions in a form.
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    thank you healdem for reply, i'll try you advice and i'll say something later

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