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    Unanswered: DBCA import issues and a hard server crash


    I am working on a system that I "inherited" because I am the only person left who has any idea about how it is supposed to work.

    Oracle Base Version: & OUI patch & Oracle Patch
    Operating System: Windows 2000 Server

    The SCSI controller on the mainboard failed taking the primary hard drive drive with it and damaging the HDD controller for the secondary drive. Thankfully I was able to bring the secondary drive back up online and get to the mirror which I immediately copied to a backup location. Unfortunately getting the mirror drive to be bootable under server2K has not been successful so I am focusing on recovering the data at this point.

    Problem #1:
    Incredibly Rare backups of the database have been made and I have the backup files but one of the backup files (the most recent one in 2007) is corrupted. During import via the DBCA interface I get a "invalid EXT descriptor signature" message when it is unpacking the files. From my own research, this appears to be a screwup on the part of SUN and how they implemented some things via Java.

    Request #1:
    Does anybody know how to fix this import issue with the backup files? (It will get me almost 2 years worth of data... remember.... Incredibly Rare backups...)

    Problem #2:
    There is still the new data (mostly user access auditing stuff) that is sitting in the database from the last corrupted backup. I have a copy of the entire C:\Oracle directory from the mirror drive so the raw data is available to me.

    Request #2:
    Is there a way to import or merge this data with a working backup file (from 2005)? I'm under the assumption that 'overlay and pray' is not an option

    General Information:
    The original Oracle server is part of a small domain that was setup to perform a dedicated task. I am currently performing the recovery efforts on a dedicated server setup at home which models the software configuration of the original server that died. I can import a backup file from 2005 without any issues and the OraDim & sqlnet files don't report any errors. I have no trouble accessing or manipulating the data via the Enterprise Management Console or SQL+ but I am not a DBA by trade.

    I have done some error code searching when I have tinkered and screwed things up as well as google searched but the answers have been all over the place.

    Thank you in advance for any advice and/or help!


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    >During import via the DBCA interface I get a "invalid EXT descriptor signature" message when it is unpacking the files.

    DBCA is NOT used in any manner, shape, or form used with any flavor of backup files.

    What utility made this "backup"?

    Can you create an new, empty DB with dbca?
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    I may have mispoke by using the term "backup".

    I used DBCA to create a template of the existing database with the data included in the template.

    I have built and configured multiple servers in other applications using this method with a pre-configured database that I exported from a source machine and imported via DBCA.



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