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    Unanswered: Z/os DB2 Version 7 Index Problem.

    Dear All,

    FULLKEYCARD of index does not match CARD of table.

    This is happening some times on partitioned table spaces after performing the following steps:

    1- Running online reorg on some parts of a table space.

    2- Running online reorg on all of indexes related to table( none partition and partition indexes).

    3- Running Runstat utility after completion of the above steps.

    Note : We get no error messages on the JCL outputs and DB2 log.

    Anybody more experienced, please help.

    Best regards

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    Did you updated the catalogs before running the online reorg. Make sure you run the runstats with update catlogue option before running online reorg and after reorg completed update catalogs again, Then it should be sync.

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    See if this helps: DB2 V8 - Administration - Statistics for partitioned table spaces

    If you run RUNSTATS for separate partitions of a table space, DB2 uses the results to update the aggregate statistics for the entire table space. For recommendations about running RUNSTATS on separate partitions, see Gathering monitor statistics and update statistics. (You should either run RUNSTATS once on the entire object before collecting statistics on separate partitions or use the appropriate option to ensure that the statistics are aggregated appropriately, especially if some partitions are not loaded with data.)
    "It does not work" is not a valid problem statement.

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