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    I have a form (ErrorLog) and a table ErrorRecords. On the form I have a textbox where the user enters an EmployeeID and then I have another textbox (AssignedTo) that has Dlookup in the Control Source and will lookup the name based on the employeeid entered by the user. Right now the data is not populating to the ErrorRecords table. Is there a way to have that data populate to the table. This is the formula I currently have in the AssignedTo textbox Control Source: =DLookUp("FirstName & ' ' & LastName","Employees","EmployeeID = " & Forms!ErrorLog!EmployeeID). Do I need to do something else?

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    Move your DLookup() to the EmployeeID_AfterUpdate event and then in AssignedTo ControlSource place the field in the table you want it stored in.
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