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    Unanswered: Allow edit control box

    Hi everyone, it's my first post here. I use macros on excel quite often, but with Access i'm totally lost....

    My question: I have a starting form from where you can move between other forms. I want a button on the starting form (a control box?) that you click and able/disable editing (by default disabled) in the whole database (access2007).

    I have seen i must use:

    Me.AllowEdit = True / False

    but differently than excel i am not sure where i must put that code, and how i can link it to the button. If you can be quite detailed i'll be very grateful... Thanks in advance!!!

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    I do not believe that there is a universal edit permissions that is for the entire db and that can be toggled by a command button.

    Each form has properties in 3 dimensions: Allow Edits, Allow Additions, Allow Deletes

    you would turn these to = False

    Probably on your main form have an invisible unbound text box that you put a value into like 1 for editable and 2 for not editable....then in each form in the OnCurrent event - put in a bit of code:

    If Forms!MainForm.EditCode=2 then
    Me.AllowEdits = False

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