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Thread: load reorg

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    Unanswered: load reorg


    export the in del and ixf format

    do load of ixf or del file on table and recreation on index requires
    reorg again ??

    kindly suggest

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    I'd say no. Even when you have a clustered index the load-process load the data sorted in the right order. Needless to say that a runstats cannot be omitted.

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    from 9.5 documention:

    Data is loaded in the sequence that appears in the input file, except when using multidimensional clustering (MDC) tables, partitioned tables, or the anyorder file type modifier. If a particular sequence is desired, sort the data before attempting a load operation. If clustering is required, the data should be sorted on the clustering index prior to loading.

    see Loading data

    which means that yes, you need to reorg it. Or I guess you can sort it when you export data from source table so you get pre-sorted data file.
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