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    Unanswered: Checking for duplicates using the Next Record button

    Hi all,

    Another (hopefully simple) Access question from me.

    Each of my forms are set up in the following format:
    Form Fields (Name, etc)
    Navigation buttons (First, Previous, Next, and Last)
    Record buttons (Add, Update, and Delete)

    I figured out how to display an error message to the user when entering a duplicate and clicking on the Add button by Exporting the Macros to VB, and by adding a DLookup. However, the Next button will allow for the record to be added as well (which I didn't know). Is there anyway to prevent the Next button from adding a duplicate record within the table? The only way I have found so far is by making the field indexed. This is fine except I can't display a nice error message to the user.

    Any ideas?


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    depending on the DLookup result you can turn off the form's ability to make additions:

    me.AllowAdditions = False

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