DB2 v9.1.401.444
Windows 2003 Server

Currently for some requirement we changed the windows user (db2 admin) password limit to 20 character. This resulted in failed test connections when we checked it through DB2 control center > configuration assistant >right click on the DB and select Test connection.
I selected the Standard, CLI, OLE DB, ADO, JDBC connections.
Reducing the password length to 19 char resulted in failure of all above connections except the JDBC connections.
Further reducing the length to 18 characters successfully passed all 5 connections mentioned above.

Strangely, the IBM info center says that the max password limit can be of 14 character on windows.
It would be very helpful if someone can explain how the things are working in above case. If the password limit is 14 character then how the DB2 is accepting 18 characters?