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    Unanswered: Month from Year of String data

    I am using Crystal XI

    I am wanting to create a report that takes the db array of data and looks at each section of the array and determines the position of the data within that section.
    So when it looks at the data below, it would see the first section (789.6) and indicate that this is "1", 211.5 is position "2" and so forth for all 13 sections.

    Keep in mind that once this formula is created, I will be wanting to create a new header with this new month formula so all product sold in that month will appear.

    789.6;211.5;479.4;1170.3;944.7;1099.8;1198.5;1123. 2;1641.6;3542.4;187.2;259.2;0

    FYI: This is the formula that I am using now to pull out the data

    (local stringvar array x;
    x:=split({oe_hist_prod.dollars-shipped}, ";");

    Thanks for the help!
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