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    Unanswered: Any way to check how much disk space a form/report uses?

    HI. my front end database is getting too big for my liking and I'd like to cut it down. Is there any way to check how much space a form or report is using?


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    I'm not sure how to find the size of an individual object, but forms and reports themselves aren't very big. The usual culprit in my experience is embedded images. Have you compacted the db?

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    Yeah I've compacted it and it's still relatively large (nothing massive, just 4.5mb). Problem is every update means the user has to downloda the new front end and if they're out of the office it's over 3G and my clients are very impatient.

    There are no embedded images in it, I only use access themes (which as far as i can tell are installed with office so don't take up any space).

    and as it's a front end there is no data in it, just forms and reports.

    any other ideas?

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    Go low-tech:

    1. Create a new database, record filesize.
    2. Import objects you're interested in, subtract original filesize from current filesize.
    3. ...
    4. Make a Southpark reference.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Are you using MSAccess replication?

    If so, don't. MSAccess replication is a pain and yes, your users will be unhappy about 'syncrhanizing' the mdb file each time they connect!

    Although you can't really see how much a specific report size is (but can assume if it has images, it will be larger depending on if the image is a jpg/word/bmp/etc...type of image), but you also can monitor the memory growth of the mdb via task manager and watching how the MSAccess process grows.

    More details on how your specifically doing this will help us to help you.
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