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    Question Unanswered: Recommendations on software for tape backup (Dell Powervault 110T LTO-2)

    I am trying to use a dell powervault 110t to manually backup files from my Windows XP Pro (64 bit) workstation, and I wanted to see if anyone knows of a reliable and affordable software I can use for this simple task. The backups don’t need to be automated, or anything fancy, I just need to be able to use it to record large files to LTO-2 tapes and read them back when needed. Any pointer on something you know to be reliable would be greatly appreciated...
    Thanks a lot!

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    I think you are in the wrong forum.

    This forum deals with the relational database Microsoft SQL Server and not with backups on operating system level (with nothing on the operating system level that is, unless it is somewhat related to installing SQL Server)

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