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    Unanswered: database design help

    I am building a database that handles food and nutrition intake. The database i am designing is fairly difficult so i was hopping i could get some help from the community.

    --------------------The database does the following----------------------
    1. track food intake aka total 'sugar', 'protein', vitamin B12 for all users
    2. track food nutrition based off of individual products aka eggs, toast, etc.. or track via a combination of foods that make a recipe aka

    [nutrition info]------>[nutrition line]<------[foods]----->[food line]<----[recipe]

    the measurements are done on a daily basis so users can see a running total for the current day or a history of previous days of nutrition elements they are consuming.

    This would be relatively easy without the recipe field but now Im in a situation where recipe's have many food groups which have many nutrition values as opposed to just having the food groups.

    an example of my diagram attached

    Anyway with the fact that I have nutrition values applied to food applied to recipe's i dont know how to distinguish between individual foods and full recipe's which causes a problem because the user might have 1 egg for breakfast but have cake made with two eggs and other products at lunch.

    Please help
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