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    What is a good scenario for a data model?

    for my coursework i have been asked to draw up a database model.
    specifically, it says we cannot use any of the models we have been using during classwork, these models were a school, customer/order, and a hospital.

    The model must contain:

    • At least one one-many relationship

    • At least one decomposed many-many relationship-show the original many-many relationship (i don't know what this means, anyone shed some light?)

    • At least one recursive relationship (Don't know what this means either)

    • At least one one-one relationship

    • An entity with subtyping that has relationships with other entities that involve the super-type and at least one subtype. (or this)

    Could anyone suggest to me what would be a good scenario to use? And perhaps suggest some relationships this could have?

    BTW: I'm not too good at my database module at uni, so somethign really complex might be a bit difficult for me to use, i need something which includes all those but isnt TOO complex.


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    You should model something you know so you lose the abstract nature of it. Your CD, book or DVD collections. Recipes. One of your interests. With these you have real, physical world things you can refer to.
    pootle flump
    ur codings are working excelent.

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