dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 2.0 compares schema snapshots, database backups, and database changes in version control systems to accelerate the work of advanced database developers.

Devart has announced the public availability of Schema Compare for SQL Server 2.0, a sophisticated tool specially designed to meet a diversity of comparison tasks, help analyze schema differences at a glance, and synchronize them correctly, saving time and efforts. The latest version delivers new capabilities to help customers more effectively compare databases and more quickly migrate schema changes across different SQL Server versions.

Featuring new functionality, the tool is better equipped to span a full spectrum of database comparison and synchronization tasks and allows completing them at a professional level.

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 2.0 highlights:
  • Support of native SQL Server backups
    This offers an opportunity to use native SQL Server backups as a metadata source and compare them.
  • Database comparison and synchronization via command line
    This automates database comparison and synchronization and allows the users to save their time. The users can once set a comparison and the tool will prepare a file with required command line arguments - Source and Target connection strings, comparison options and settings.
  • Tracking database changes using version control systems
    This prevents several developers changing database objects simultaneously. It is simple to revert to earlier revisions, and quickly identify who and when changed the objects. Comparison takes less time as schema snapshots are compared. dbForge Schema Compare uses two most popular version control systems Subversion and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).
  • Generating comparison and synchronization reports
    Now it is easy to save and publish differences between databases in clear and professionally looking reports.
  • Synchronizing database properties
    The users can forget about tedious comparing of database properties. dbForge Schema Compare accurately display the differences and offers automatic synchronization. Cancelling manual editing and preventing errors results in speedier and safer synchronization.

Pricing and Availability

The fully functional trial version of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server 2.00 is available for download at http://devart.com/dbforge/sql/schema.../download.html. The license price of dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server starts at $149.95. It comes with a free 1-year subscription for product upgrades and technical support.

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