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    Hello to all member.
    I used Oracle 10g with oracle 6i form & Reports.When i create form manually it does not work to enter data on Form but when i create Forms through wizard it will be ok means it accept data and saves. so please help me or give me a web site which help me on this problem.



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    Obviously, you did something wrong. Due to lack of information, it is nearly impossible to guess what would that be.

    If it's not too much, a piece of advice: always use Wizard to create a data block (the one based on a table). Wizard is very smart. It will do it right. You can later improve what's being done, add your logic, whatever, but basic functionality will (should) be remained.

    Create a control block (the one that is NOT based on a table) manually, if you wish.

    Master-detail relationships leave to Wizard (again). If you, as a newbie, insist on doing it manually, you'll most probably fail because it requires certain PL/SQL units to becreated, certain settings to be set, and you won't do that right. Not yet, that is.

    So, how did you create that form? What did you do? Perhaps we can help to make it work.

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