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    Database design for my web application

    Hi, I am design an application where administrators can design custom types of content with custom fields.

    For example, an administrator can define the type of content "event" with the fields "place, hour, date, description" or the type of content "recipe" with the fields "ingredients, description".

    Also, they can link a field of a type of content with another type of content. For example, in addition of the types described above, they can define the type of content "place" with the custom fields "address, phone number, description". Then the field "place" from the type of content "event" could be linked to the type of content "place" and when an user creates an event he/she can (or must) specify an existing "place".

    How do you think I should design my database model to achieve this objective?

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    In short, you want a database that can model absolutely anything that pops in to an administrator's head, including the relational rules (such as relationships)?
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