Hello Every One !

I have 3 Types of vBulletin Licenses available for sale.

#1. vBulletin Owned : This is the vBulletin OWNED License.

Version : 3.x or 4.x
Actual Value : $180
Can Download 4.01 : Yes
Expiry : March 2010

Screen Shot : 2010-01-25_002944.png

My Price : $90 ONLY.

#2. vBulletin Classic Forum : This is the Same vB but with an UNEXPIRING License.

Actual Price : $195
Expiry : Never

My Price : $130

#3. vBulletin Publishing Suite : This a CMS by vBulletin.

Actual Value : $285

My Price :$185

Time Taken for Transfer is normally 2 Days.
You Need to supply the Following Info :

In order to transfer the license we require to have the following details of the new party:

- Full name
- Full Address
- Country
- Telephone number
- Billing address
- Valid and working Email address

Before transferring the license, we will email the prospective new owner the details of the license. Once we receive confirmation from them, the license transfer will occur. They will be emailed with their new customer number and password.

Why Accept This Offer ?

#1. We have the Legit Snap of the Legit Licenses [ see above ]

#2. Need Payment ONLY Once the Transfer is Initiated ; you will get the actual URL for that.

#3. We are a Team selling the Licenses , have sold over 25 Licenses at DigitalPoint.

Plz reply if u are interested.
The Owned Licenses are Limited and This offer is placed on Multiple Forums.

Payment : PayPal. [ NO CREDIT CARDS PLZ , Only Account Transfer ]

FAQ ::

1. How much time does it take to transfer ?
Depends on the Response from vBulletin, Normally 1-3 Days average 2 Days.

2. How will it be Actually Transferred ?

  • Once you commit to buy the License, We ( Yes we are a Team ) will initiate the Transfer. This Means we Inform vB that Our License Needs to be Transferred.
  • When vB Gives its Yes to Transfer and Asks for Info, You will be asked to Pay.
  • By This Time you will be given the actual Ticket Access so that u will be Monitoring the real ststus ur self
  • Soon vB will Contact you to confirm the Sale, Just say Yes
  • Congrats, The License is Yours.

3. How should i Trust you, So Many Scams...

Indeed you should trust no body. But we are here to stay.
You always have the Benifit that PayPal gives Preferance to Buyers and take ur side.
I have already shown you the License Snap, And We are NOT asking for payment till the Real Transfer.

More over We have designed a Network of Buyers and sellers so, Its Business for Us and Not just getting aways with the License.

4. Can i Pay via Moneybookers/Alertpay.
At Present No, but we shall soon accept MB and Western Union.

5. Can i get vB 4 with the $90 License?
Yes Of course you can download any License ie 3.8.4 or 4.0.1 with this License.

Plz Send Me Your PMs if Interested.
[ Or Email us : thecoolwebstuff@gmail.com ]

Feel Free to ask any Questions.

Thank You.