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    Question Unanswered: Excel Spreadsheet control in Access 07 form

    I was using a MS Excel spreadsheet activex control on a 2003 Access Form application (the control is part of the Office Web components) . When we upgraded to Office 2007 sp2, the Excel spreadsheet control does not work. I've tried installing the owc 11 from the microsoft download center, but when i try to add the control to a form, i get a msg that the Activex control is not supported by MS Access. Does anyone know if theres a way to get the control to work. Anyone know of a free one that i can download? (There is a definiate need for the contol in the application, where the user in inputing Excel formulas, that are later used as templates for inputting data and generating excel workbooks) Thanks for any help.

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    I like to use this technique which makes the embedded query navigate like an excel spreadsheet:

    It works very well but you don't have the functions/formulas and other stuff as using an excel activex control.

    You could possibly link in the excel sheet as a table and open it (using the technique above). I haven't personally tried it but check the code bank as there is some code for excel in MSAccess posted by others that might work.

    But I have also had problems using the Office Web component (not trustworthy with upgrades).

    If none of this works, I'd possibly put in a button which has code to open the excel file directly (ie. shell command). Not ideal but it's a possible work-around.
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