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    Unanswered: Application-defined or object defined error

    I have an Access 2003 database as a front end for data stored in an Oracle database. All tables are linked to Access. I have a form that manipulates word documents through bound object frames. Basically I am pasting text into documents and replacing parameters with database values. All the word objects are stored in the oracle tables.
    This form was working perfectly last Friday. I had all my text replaced and the paragraphs were spaced perfectly. I made some changes to other forms in the app as an attempt to start cleaning things up. Then half way through the day some of the code that manipulates the word objects stopped working.
    Here is the code that fails
    .Word_Document.Object.Application.Selection.Find.Execute "[Date]", , , , , , , , , p_FieldText, wdReplaceAll
    Word_Document is an unbound Bound Object Frame that is used as my workspace to manipulate the word document (paste text and search and replace) before saving it to the database through a bound Bound Object Frame.
    Reading the documentation says that the application that opens (in this case word) as a result of activating and opening the bound object frame, is throwing an error that access doesn't understand and therefore raises this generic error. I verified that there are no missing references. The code will compile with no errors. Another odd thing is that as I've been working on this project I've been saving a backup copy every day and now all the backup copies throw the same error. I'm at a complete loss. I've tried importing everything into a new access database with no luck. I've tried importing everything except the form that is causing the problem into a new access database then creating the offending form from scratch, still with no luck.
    Is there any way to trap the error being thrown by Word?
    Anyone have any suggestions? I'll try just about anything at this point.

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    I've encountered one or two errors where applications interacted with Word or Excel in the last year or so myself and it doesn't look like you'll find a quick fix.

    It looks like nothing has changed in Access, but a change in your enviroment has broken the code. These could include upgrades to MS Office, service packs being applied to Office or OS, or similar with the Oracle platform. This doesn't help with a solution, but it might help identify the cause. If its a Microsoft thing, & you can recreate the old environment in a virtual machine, then you can update the VM until the application breaks...then roll back those changes until you find a fix.

    If you've not upgraded Office, the usual suspects include security related hot fixes, scenarios where documents need to be digitally signed and the certificate has expired, user permissions on the client machine etc.

    In order to work out if it's one of these issues, you can use code to manipulate a local Word document not bound to the object frame. You'll be able to trap and identify Word specific errors by stepping through...

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