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    Unanswered: db2 export utility

    I searched most of the URL about my error, but I didn't find what I expected.

    I am using AIX Ksh to write a script to export data from table, while exporting I get error like

    SQL3100W Column number "1" (identified as "1") in the output DEL format file
    is longer than 254 bytes.

    In my SQL file, I used || (concatination for many columns, it might go beyond 254 also)...

    I need only in DEL format, if I go for IXF format then whether this is readble by Notepad or any other tool.

    Whether such error can be avoided or this is a serious error....

    Inspite of either above two, how can I avoid it ?

    And also I used function to truncate i.e. cast sme columns, I get the following error too...
    SQL3015N An SQL error "445" occurred during processing.

    SQL0445W Value "-000000877.00" has been truncated. SQLSTATE=01004

    Kindly tell me whether all can be avoided ?


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    Use the SUBSTR function to do the truncation.


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    this is a warning, not an error:
    Column number column-number (identified as name) in the output DEL format file is longer than 254 bytes.

    The length or maximum length of the specified output column is greater than 254 bytes. Columns larger than 254 are not supported by some other products.

    The entire field is exported without truncation.

    User response
    If the output file cannot be processed by another product, export only a substring of the incorrect column, redefine the table, or manually truncate the data in the DEL column.
    DB2 9.5/9.7 on Unix/AIX 6.1/Linux

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