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    Question Unanswered: Informix Database backup and restore help!


    We are in the development mode and the database structure is changing every day or so. We are two teams, one is at client location and another team at the company's headquarter.I am working at Client's location and If there is a single change I have to send the script and test data, it takes lot of time so I am thinking instead of sending them each individual script for tables and then the test data I can just take the replica of the current database and send the offshore team where they can attach the same database and use it. It will save a lot of time.

    I know in oracle and sql server we have the concept of attaching and detaching, where someone can detach the database, copy it and attach to another database server. I am wondering if there is anything like that in Informix? I know lot of guys must have done this kind of stuff. Please share your experience.

    We are using informix 11.5.

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    As informix...

    hercules:/usr/informix > dbexport -?
    Invalid option list.

    dbexport <database> [-X] [-c] [-q] [-d] [-ss]
    [{ -o <dir> | -t <tapedev> -b <blksz> -s <tapesz> [-f <sql-command-file>] }]
    NOTE: arguments to dbexport are order independent.
    hercules:/usr/informix >

    IBM Informix Dynamic Server v10 Information Center

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