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    Unanswered: Query - Crosstab ?

    Hi Good Morning,

    I currently have a query that displays six columns:

    Company | Product1 | Product2 | Product3 | Product4 | Product5

    So one row displays one company with five different products.

    What I need is some kind of query that will display the data like this:

    Company | Product1

    Company | Product2

    Company | Product3

    Company | Product4

    Company | Product5

    Basically the same company would be shown five times (on different rows) with the different Products on each.

    I'm sure there's a way to do this with a crosstab but I could do with some new ideas as I'm in a rut !

    Thanks very much in advance for your assistance.

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    Actually a crosstab does the reverse, taking properly normalized data and making it like your first example. You would need a UNION query to get the data from the first example to the second.

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    A union query would give you the desired results, for example:

    SELECT, Table.part1
    FROM [Table]

    UNION SELECT, Table.part2
    FROM [Table]

    UNION SELECT, Table.part3
    FROM [Table];

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