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    Post Unanswered: Recovery database SQL 2005 from transaction log file

    Hi all,
    I have a database about 900Mb, that i deleted part of important data, after deleting, data file is about 600Mb and Log file is about 550Mb. i never didn't have a backup data and backup log for these database.
    May i can to recovery the deleted data? and how to do it?
    Thank you a lot.

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    No backup = no recovery. You will have to recreate the data from whatever original source put it in there. Even if that was manual entry.

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    My first post! But to confirm, you still have the physical database showing in Management Studio? Your MDF and LDF have NOT been deleted?

    Most likely, if you are using the default options, the database is using full recovery mode which means the LDF file will not truncate unless manually done so or changed to simple mode. Hopefully, you have some sort of tape backup or SQL job that backs up?

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