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    Unanswered: warning to make update note

    hi everyone,

    i create a project in access, it's for seller card phone, with contrat 24 mounths and create and warning every 6 months, till now everything alright the problem is with the warning apear that mean i need make note but imagine i didn't check my program that mean i lost make note for some customers...that i'm thinking if there is code can aplicate for stay warning always active till i make note??

    thank you for everyone

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    I would add yes/no fields to the customer records as needed. So if the customer was on a 24 month contract I would have 6MonthCheck, 12MonthCheck, 18MonthCheck and 24MonthCheck yes/no fields set to false.

    So for example after 6 months I would set the warning to appear as it does now but it would keep appearing (by testing to see if the 6MonthCheck field was set to false) until you filled in the notes (this would also set the yes/no field to true).


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