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    Unanswered: Access Reports and Error 3211

    Hello All. Have a odd issue that is driving me nuts.

    We have a Access db stored on a shared drive that multiple people (3) access to run reports when reviewing employee performance. We are able to all ADD Data to the database all at the same time without issue.

    The problem comes when we do reviews with each employee. There is a form built that allows a user to select a report that was created, select the employee name and specific criteria to run the report for (goes out and runs specific querys all mostly tie back to the Table named "data")

    All the reports work fine except 2 reports that have a graph within the reports. These reports, the users that have opened the databse up second or third get the error

    Run-Time Error 3211
    The Database Engine could not lock table 'data' because it is already in use by another person or process.

    I cant figure out why just these 2 reports that have graphs would cause this error as I can run all the other reports.

    This only affects the 2nd or 3rd user that runs these reports.

    Any ideas?????

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    Never mind...think i got it. Saw that the two reports had a property set incorrectly.

    Data Locks was set to A;; Datasets...and should be NO LOCKS.

    Going to try this once everone gets out of the db.

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