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    Red face Unanswered: Blank Pages Printing in Report

    I have a report in Access containing 4 sub reports in the detail section. One of the subreports is actually an OLE object that I show/hide (using code) based on a value returned in the report query - a flag off/on based on participation in a program. I have the particular object hidden on report load and becomes visible if the flag is on. That's all working fine. BUT this object is also causing a blank page to print after the records where the flag is 0 (no flag = no participation).

    I have gone through all the sub reports and main report page setups and margins, resized all the detail sections, etc. - this is not the problem.

    If I delete the OLE object the report does exactly what it should with no blank pages which leads me to believe that the OLE object makes the detail section of the report just enough too long causing the blank page.

    Since not having the OLE object on the report is not an option any suggestions as to how to delete the blank page using code?

    Thank you in advance for ANY pointers, hints, etc.

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    hmmmm just guessing here; make sure the Detail property and the OLE sub report property are both set to CanShrink = yes

    sanity check:
    move the OLE subreport up - even if it is overlapping other subreports - until it never generates that blank page....just to see where that point is...

    report footer? I know that the page is in the detail section - but I believe - and this may not be right that if the footer size won't fit all on then it starts it on a new page - thus making that detail page blank...and so trimming the footer might help...

    kind of random advice - will be interested to hear what you find.....

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    NTC - thank you for the ideas. Unfortunately, nothing is working. The can shrink properties are all set to yes, moving the OLE object doesn't work because it hides the report it's on top of and as for the footer, well.......

    ANYWAY, thank you for trying. I am going to have to come at it a different way - just have to figure out what that is. HA!

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