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    Database design for Airline ticket reservation

    Hi.. im new to web development and we have to do a web development project as part of curriculum.. we are doing Airline ticket Reservation System.. one of the requirement in the project is user should be able to select a seat of choice,if available. I was wondering how to define the db tables for seating arrangements. I mean each flight has different rows n seats.. how do I store seating details for each flight and their status in the database? Please give me a start up idea.. im very much struck with this and can't get any forward..

    thanks in advance

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    I think seating arrangements are specific to particular airplane models, not flights. Unless you need to display the actual seat layout, a simple list of available seats on each model should suffice. A flight is performed (is that the right word?) by a particular plane model, which determines what seats are initially available. Once a person checks in (this is when the seat is selected) a record is created indicating that a particular seat is occupied on the particular plane model, which is assigned to a particular flight.

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    If it's for a school project then I'd simply say that all the planes in your airline are in the same pattern - why confuse yourself with the fact the mundane realities of life.

    I'd just a plane of type X has 6 columns by 40 rows of seats. You could then have a simple system to mark which seats are aisle seats and which are window. You could also have certain areas marked as smoking, first class, stearage etc.

    Why don't you post your existing design and folks will comment on that and please remember that those on the forum won't do your homework for you.

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