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    Unanswered: Query criteria based on multiple combo boxes

    I have a Form (Form1) with 3 cascading combo boxes (cboState, cboCity, cboName) that drive the criteria for a query. I need the query to select records based on all three combo boxes if all three combo boxes have values, but also based on one or two combo boxes if the other(s) are empty.


    If cboState has a value and cboCity and cboName are not selected, the query must return all records that match the selected State.
    Then if cboCity is selected, the query would filter to only show the records that match the selected State AND City.
    Then if cboName is selected, the query would filter to only show records that match all three criteria.

    The problem lies in having the query only select the appropriate records if only State or only City and State are selected. Please help!

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    please do not multi post the same question.
    if you feel the question hasn't been answered in an appropriate time then you can bump the post to the top of the list by, say, typing bump....
    in this case however I think you are being far to demanding, some 27 minutes lapsed between the original post and the SECOND post, a mere 6 minutes before the FIRST post.
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    Sorry internet connection froze when I clicked "Submit" and it accidentally posted my Thread twice. I don't even know how I got it posted twice in the same thread...

    I tried removing the other duplicate post but couldn't find a way to do that...

    Sorry again...

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    No problemo! I whipped out the handy-dandy thread tidier, and voila!

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