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    Hello all...newbie. simple database...please point me in right direction

    Hello everyone,

    I need to create a very simple database. I have office 2007 but am open to using different software if it is simpler and recommended.

    What we are trying to do, is create a database for my company with a few basic things that need to be entered.

    1. Name (first and last in same entry is fine)
    2. Address
    3. Account number
    3. Date (account expiration date

    The date is the most important part of the database...i will explain a bit further.

    The only tool we need within this db, is to be able to search through the db by date.

    example: 1. need to be able to search for accounts expired
    2. need to be able to search for accounts expiring within 90 days(or any other variable of days, ie: 30 days, or 20 days)

    any advice or help is greatly appreciated...thank you

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    Microsoft Access would do this nicely.

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    I just finished a very similar project, and I used Access. And I would recommend putting the Last Name and First Name in different fields. That way you can make a query that can search for expired accounts, soon to expire accounts, and look up an individual's account to see the expiration date.

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