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    Exclamation Unanswered: Need Help ASAP with a Query Expression

    I have a meeting this afternoon where I am suposed to roll out this new scheduling database, but they just threw this last request in. I have one table that contains two dates: Appt Day and Request Date. I need to run a query that displays all records where the Appt Day was more than 14 days after the Request Date. Should be simple, right? In the Criteria of the Appt Day column I tried:

    [Appt Day]>([Request Date]+7)

    But it is not returning any results. I have tried researching, but everything seems to be for specific date ranges, not a date + a timeframe. Help!?!
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    I'm such a spazz! Nevermind, I had a column off screen where I put the requirement that it also had to be marked as Urgent. I didn't get any results because there WERE not results, LOL.

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    It is good that you realize that you are such a spazz!

    Seriously, it's always good when you can solve the problem yourself! And in this particular case no one here could have posiibly diagnosed this problem, short of having a copy of the database in front of them.

    Good luck with your presentation!
    Hope this helps!

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