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    Unanswered: Listboxes and Add Item

    Greetings All,

    I want to use list boxes to assign teachers to individual examinations, The first box would list examinations, the second teachers and the third an examination with a teacher. I have tried loading the third on the afterupdate event -- without success.

    Does "additem" and "removeItem" work in Access 2003(it doesn't appear to from my experiments).

    Can anyone suggest a useful tutorial?


    John S.
    Guangxi University (currently)

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    Additem and RemoveItem works in 2003, but it only works if the Listbox is based on a Value List. They cannot be used on Listboxes based on tables or queries, which sounds as if it might be the case here. In 2003, adding/removing data from Listboxes has to be done by doing thru the underlying table or query.
    Hope this helps!

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