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    Unanswered: V8 Migration to V9 from 32bit to 64bit

    Hi Gurus!

    Please help me, and send some hints regarding the following topic.
    Our Customer currently use a 32 bit Windows server 2003, with 32 bit DB2 v8.1.15.254.

    TARGET: They want to use a new 64bit windows with a new 64 bit DB2 9.5 or 9.7.
    I have already read some documentation about the main steps of the migration.


    The Customer want to set up a 32bit environment firstly in the new 64bit windows, with the old V8 DB2, after it, they want to upgrade the DB2 to 64bit, and V9.X.

    My Imagination:
    First the OP system install. Then I will create a 32bit environment with DB2 V8. After it, I have read, that I have to install the new DB2 V9 above the old V8, and use the option "used existing DB" and the install tool will automaticly Migrate the old DB.

    But how can i upgrade it to 64 bit? It is enough that the install toll automaticly migrate the DB, or I have to make some another steps too ?
    It will migrate the instance too ?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You should be able to install the DB2-Software beside DB2 V8. You can switch between 32- and 64-Bit with recreating the instance (db2idrop and db2icrt). This is working in both ways. You should backup your configuration before (db2cfexp and db2cfimp).


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    Thanks for the reply.
    So above the existing 32bit V8, I have to install a 64bit V9.x, and use the existing db option.

    In this case the instance, and the db will be migrated/updated to 64bit, 9.x?

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    I'm not sure, if the Database is migrated aswell. Actually i've never migrated a Database from V8.2 to V9(.5).

    The DB2-InformationCenter has some notes about the migration:
    Pre-migration tasks for DB2 servers

    Migrating databases

    Post-migration tasks for DB2 servers

    Depending of the age of the database you might have to convert your indexes aswell
    Converting type-1 indexes to type-2 indexes in migrated databases

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