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    Unanswered: Deleted Win-Auth Login

    Hi all,

    I've worked with mssql 2000, 2005 and 2008 for years.
    nowadays, I found some strange thing in my mssql 2000,
    I just deleted a windows authentication login out of my db-server security logins, which previously it was a sys-admin (let's say it is 'domain\username1').

    but I still can login using the 'domain\username1',
    even I can select or update (or any other sql transaction),
    and when I execute sp_who in my master database,
    it display that the login 'domain\username1' connected via host 'my_computer'..
    quite strange (at least for me)... any idea how this can happen?

    Thanks for your upcoming ideas..

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    It'll be getting permissions via windows groups. Check the existing logins and run this for any groups:
     xp_logininfo 'Domain\Group','MEMBERS'
    Note that windows groups can be within groups so you might either need to keep running this or just go direct to the AD.
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    The user ID (or its domain group) could also belong to the local administrators group, which would allow unlimited access.
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