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    Unanswered: Charts Issue With 2 X Axis

    Good morning everyone, i hope you can help with my problem.

    I have a set of charts i send to to my CEO on a weekly basis in a Powerpoint slidedeck. I have been given the task of updating them with some new information. Ordinarily this wouldnt cause me any problems but this one has me stumped.

    I have a simple line chart than runs over a 52 week period, showing quote volumes, prior year quotes and forecast quotes. This in itself is of course Charting 101. Now i need to add a spend figure to the chart as columns in the background of the chart (to show the relationship between spend and performance).

    The problem is that spend is by quarter not by week. I have tried converting the spend to weeks and then using an area chart but to be honest this is not what i want to distribute as it doesnt look that slick. Is there any better way of doing this that anyone is aware of ?

    As an extension to the initial issue, for the current quarter (Quarter 1 2010) we are only 1 month in so i would need to show 1 months actual spend and 2 months forecast spend (this information is all available on the datasheet attached)

    Unfortunately i am unable to attach the datasheet at the moment and can only include a picture of the chart. i do have the datasheet avilable and am more than happy to email if necessary.

    I hope this makes sense. if not please ask any questions necessary and i will get back to you as soon as possible.


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