I have a small program written in Delphi used for our church's administration which uses an SQL2000

database. Other churches now use it as well. 2 years ago I installed it on a computer with Vista, and

as a result I had to use SQL 2005 for the first time. We had found it to be horribly slow in all

functions, with a sample procedure that would take less than 1/2 a second to be perfomed on an

XP/SQL2000 machine (Pentium 4) taking over 17 seconds to be performed on this dual core machine with

Vista/SQL 2005. Now I have a church with a brand new computer running Windows 7 for which I used SQL

2008. I had the same problem, with this sample procedure taking over 17 seconds. From this I surmise

that it is a problem with SQL's communication with Vista or Windows 7.

I have found other people complaining about the same problem with Vista. Some people have found a fix

by disabling the Receive Window Auto Tuning Level for TCP/IP communications as described on this page

(Auto Tuning - TCP/IP receive level - Vista Forums). Unfortunately trying

any of these options (disabled, restricted or high tuning levels) did not have any impact for my


I also understand that you can get around it by running an XP emulator in Vista or Windows 7 and

installing the program under that. That seems to provide further proof that it is something that the

Windows 7/Vista operating system is doing with SQL communications since an XP emulator running within

those operating systems is not impacted. I want to try to avoid this work around as it seems a bit

messy to me especially with users that are not that sophisticated at computer use.

I would be grateful if anyone who had this issue and solved it would provide me with some assistance on