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    Unanswered: linking a textbox to a query count

    I have a form that has a query subform on it. i filter the query based on a combo box result. I have a textbox that i want to show how many records are in the filtered query.

    If there is 35 records in the query then i want to have the text box show
    Records on file: 35

    I know you can put a count row on the query but i want to show the number of files somewhere else on the form.

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    make a second query that is an aggregate query that simply returns the record count; one record, one field

    plug that into your form as another subform.

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    Anywhere on the subform, you can have a text box that shows how many records are returned in the subform (again using =count() in an unbound field.) If the records are in a listbox on the subform, in a unbound text box you can use: =Forms!MyFormName!MySubformName!MyListboxName.list count -1. (which you could then have this text box on your main form as well.)
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