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    Unanswered: Back end out on the Internet

    I need a way for 2 people to connect to an Access database back end over the internet.

    Is there a way to "host" a file on a website of some sort and be able to "connect" to it from the Access front end?

    Without setting up a VPN.
    Thanks for your help, Mitch

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    As this article will show, not by simply using Access.

    Publishing Access Data on the Web - Microsoft Access / VBA insights

    You're going to have to use another language, such as ASP.
    Hope this helps!

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    As this question comes up so often I have put together this chunk of info to copy & paste into replies:

    Generic advice on remote Access database options where one has only generic internet and not a high speed private WAN with Terminal Services capabilities…

    Option 1 – stay with Access’ embedded replication feature (if .mdb format – not available with .accdb 2007 format) presuming you can co-locate or vpn them together.

    Option B is to go with web architecture. find a web developer - turn over to him/her your Access db for them to look at as the prototype design...and get their quote. You will pay to have them develop it and then there will be the recurring for the hosting company...

    Option III is the - Home service; this allows everyone to operate a copy of the Access db locally and then you send in the tables - they consolidate/replicate all the data - - and return to everyone a consolidated set of tables. Is great as long as the requirement is not for instantaneous shared data. If periodic updates is sufficient and the user base are all part of a team - this can be a good solution.

    Option 3.5 is an online commercial db service - I would recommend Intuit also has a product : QuickBase - but it is quite pricey and intended for corporate users. Dabble is very reasonably priced and pretty cool. When using a db service you are in their sandbox and must live with the features and look they offer; the redesign using Dabble is a bit of work & learning and there is definitely missing many features one takes for granted in Access.

    Option 5 is to have users get into Access using a commercial VPN service such as This will also have a monthly fee. The PC must always be on for the user. A bit of a latency/lag experience. Only one user can log on at a time...and, importantly, the log on user will have the ability to see everything on the PC - not just the Access application....

    Option VI assuming you have Access07 or later in .accdb format you can get a sharepoint hub and use the publish/off-network function as a mode to work locally but push the data back & forth to a sharepoint hub. But sharepoint itself is another big element to manage and you might look to a shared sharepoint service from Microsoft or others.

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    Good Response from NTC

    NTC has posted a very balanced range of options.

    This is an inherent problem with localised software like access growing to require multi user/place environment.

    I have used sharepoint services to do the job - which works really well!
    All security and user details are taken care of by sharepoint.

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