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    Unanswered: "'wntea04$' is not a valid name" Error when linking table to Excel File

    I use access to link to different excel files a program I use generates. I have 2 ways to get these files, generate them myself, or have the system E-mail them to me once a day. Heres the strange part...

    When I have the system E-mail them to me (in the same exact format), I can save them to my Hard Drive, and my database works.

    When I Generate them (creates the exact same file as the one it E-mails me), I over write the original file, and I get the error in the title). If I relink it works perfect.

    What is wrong? its hard for me to wait on the E-mail, when I can generate it on the fly. No other program is using it. I cant understand why I get this Error.


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    If you re-save over an excel file you already have linked into the mdb (regardless where it's located/saved to), you'll have to refresh or relink the table into the mdb. Typically MSAccess doesn't relink/refresh automatically when saving over an excel type file (although on some networks and with 2007, I have seen this happen.) I think someone once posted a way you could automatically refresh or relink the linked table in vba code.

    You could use one of import Excel file routines examples in the code bank.
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