Hello everybody,

this is my first post on this forum so.. hello :-)

I have a problem connecting to DB2 with PHP, both in windows and Linux environment.

The problem I get is this:
SQLSTATE=08001, SQLDriverConnect: -30082 [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30082N Security processing failed with reason "24" ("USERNAME AND/OR PASSWORD INVALID"). SQLSTATE=08001
Of course password and username I use are good.

My problem started when my laptop broke and I had to build my working environment on Windows 7. I've downloaded DB2 9.7, installed it. Along with Apache2.2, PHP 5.2.12, PDO, PDO_IBM. I tried to connect to the server and - error as above.
The firewalls, both, on my router and in windows are open for the DB2 port.

I've downloaded Toad for DB2 - I couldn't connect to the database.

I've installed Fedora 12 on VirtualPC, configured it, tried to install both 9.5 and 9.7 clients - using the ./db2setup [ Java ]. I've installed PDO_IBM and ibm_db2 both from PECL repository and by phpize, configure, make with paths to 9.7 or 9.5 .

The same error as above.

My two friends that are working with me, can connect to the database from their systems that were installed when we went on DB2 path :-) But it seems that if they want to reinstall their systems.. there will be no db2 developing for us any more ;-)

When I'm on the development server where db2 is installed, I can connect to the database and execute queries. PHP on development server also is connecting without any problems and everything works just fine.

Any suggestions how to build/install db2 client/php libraries [pdo_ibm] on linux/windows7 to connect to the db2 9.5 over the Internet?

I can't sleep, I can't eat.. all I think of is how to get it working. So please help, You'll make one developer very happy for couple of days ;-)