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    Question Unanswered: Not able to connect to database from DB Client useing DB2 Gateway


    Currently we are using DB2 client on a machine M1 and connecting database on machine M3 using DB2 gateway on machine M2.
    M1 => M2 => M3
    (DB2 Client) (DB2 gateway) (Target Database)

    Now we need to replace DB2 gateway machine M2 with new DB2 gateway machine M4.
    M1 => M4 => M3
    (DB2 Client) (DB2 gateway) (Target Database)

    The target database has been configured on new DB2 gateway (M4) and tested the connectivity to target database successfully too.

    But we are not able to test the connectivity from DB2 Client (M1) to target database (M3) using new DB2 gateway (M4).

    Please advice.

    Thansk in advance.....

    Ankur Bakliwal

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    catalog node and catalog db should do
    Cataloging databases
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