I have a Tivoli Directory Server 5.2 (with DB2 8.1) setup on Solaris 8 machine.
I am trying to export data using the db2ldif command but get the following error.
Any ideas on how to make it work?

/opt/IBMldaps/sbin/db2ldif -f /opt/IBMldaps/etc/ibmslapd.conf -o /app/export/db2ldif.data

"DB2 codepage 0 is not supported by slapd" is the ERROR I receive

More error from the log:
DB2 codepage write(2, " D B 2 c o d e p a g e".., 13) = 13
0write(2, " 0", 1) = 1
is not supported by slapd.
write(2, " i s n o t s u p p".., 28) = 28

Any ideas?