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    Post Unanswered: How to Format Results on Date/Time using SUM function.

    I have two questions regarding Date/Time using SUM function.

    SELECT report_id,nt_user_id,report_desc,ts,start_time, stop_time , SUM(stop_time-start_time), SUM(stop_time-ts),SUM(start_time-ts)
    FROM rprthistory
    GROUP BY report_id,nt_user_id,report_desc,ts,start_time, stop_time

    An example of the sum results.

    0 00:07:15 0 01:14:32 0 01:07:17

    1. Is there a way I can format this data to say something like ...

    '0 Days','00 Hours','07 Minutes','15 seconds'?

    Not sure if there is date/time function that will allow me to format the date/time results. I'm not really interested in the date. I just want to know how long it took to run.

    2. When I run this query, I get a column header called '(SUM)' for the three calculations I'm doing. Is there a way to change the column header within the query? I know this can be done in Sql Server, but not sure if it can be done in Informix.



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    you can accomplish #2 by using a column alias after the closing parenthesis that is meaningful, I used RESULT1, RESULT2, RESULT3:

    SELECT report_id,nt_user_id,report_desc,ts,start_time, stop_time , SUM(stop_time-start_time) RESULT1, SUM(stop_time-ts) RESULT2,SUM(start_time-ts) RESULT3
    FROM rprthistory
    GROUP BY report_id,nt_user_id,report_desc,ts,start_time, stop_time

    You cannot the column alias to GROUP BY but you can use them to ORDER BY

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