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Thread: E-R Diagram

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    E-R Diagram

    Hey guys, I wanted to see if I did this E-R diagram correctly. Could you guys make comments on it, and if I went wrong give me a hint in the right direction? Thanks!

    This is the problem text as given to me:

    The Problem Domain
    The problem domain can be characterized by the following:
    Each user (Survey Designer or Survey Taker) has a unique id (u_id), and a password. In addition, each Survey Taker has a date of birth and an age.
    A survey has a unique id (s_id), a survey password (s_pw) (so that the survey can be made available only to people who know the password), a title, an introduction, and a status (indicating, for example, whether the survey is open to takers).
    Each survey is created by a single Survey Designer.
    Each question has a unique question id (q_id) and the question text.
    For each question on each survey, there is a set of choices, each of which consists of a choice id (c_id) and the choice text.
    When a survey taker takes a survey, she will choose an answer from among the choices for each question on that survey. (Of course, that information will be recorded in the database, so the survey designer can analyze the results later.)
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    Can anyone take a look? It would be greatly appreciated.

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    design looks good. One suggestion could be to combine Question and Choice entities in physical design.

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