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    Unanswered: How to configure Tivoli direcotry server to allow DB2 register ldap server


    I installed tivoli directory server v6.2 on my workstation, then follow LUW 9.5 manual to enable ldap support by set DB2_ENABLE_LDAP=yes, DB2LDAPHOST=myworkstationhostname, DB2LDAP_BASEDN not too sure what is baseDN but book mentions it will search automatically, so I skip it.
    now when I issue below command, I got SQL3260N An unexpected error occurred when accesing the LDAP directory, error code "-1928396792"
    db2 register ldap as nftcpip tcpip hostname myhost svcename 446
    remote mvssys instance mvsinst nodetype dcs
    Does anybody have idea what does above mean? I double checked the server and admin server is up and listening on the default 389 port. Thanks

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    But if I set DB2LDAPHOST=cn=schema, then I got:
    SQL3267N 'user1' does not have sufficient authority to perform the requested command.
    So then I tried to type the same db2 register command followed by user cn=root, using password..
    Got SQL3270N The LDAP user's Distinguished Name <DN> is not valid.

    So what action should I perform in Tivoli Directory Server side in order for this to work, the db2 manual didn't detail it and I can't find and ITDS docs on this topic, please help, Thanks.

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