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    Unanswered: Chart Problems, Need Help!!


    I am having a real hard time with a graph in one of my reports that has me ready to throw the computer out the window. My problem is that my graph populates the same data for each section and the data is a roll-up from a value standpoint as well as it contains every x axis grouping. To make it simple I created a simple table with test data and i have listed that below. I have tried manipulating the data so my x axis is across in colums or I have created it so that my data is in one column in multiple rows and I seem to get the same results. Perhaps someone can help me. I think the problem is that I need a graph to be reflective of the data for each grouping. This does not seem to be very difficult but I can't get this to work. Also when I populate the linked fields manually the data is blank. Clicking the link builder is prohibited since it is unbound.

    Example Data. I need a graph that will have years as the x axis and filter as my legend so to speak for each zone,unit,code. I hope that makes sense. thanks

    Zone Unit Code Filter 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005
    NY 12345 M NC 100 50 75 45 60
    NY 12345 M C 50 25 35 45 12
    NY 12345 W NC 500 250 350 450 200
    NY 12345 W C 250 125 90 75 75

    What I get is either a sum for NC and C for each year that will show twice for M and then for W or I get 4 bars for each year.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Data example didn't come out as it looked in the post box.

    The column headings are


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