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    Unanswered: Problem reconnect Pervasive after crashing Programme

    I have a programme in VB.NET.
    Connection string:
    "Provider=PervasiveOLEDB.;Data Source=TEST;Location=hrp-dc1;Cache Authentication=False;Encrypt Password=False;Mask Password=False;Persist Encrypted=False;Persist Security Info=False;Impersonation Level=Anonymous;Mode=ReadWrite;Protection Level=None;Port=1583;Pessimistic Read Lock=False;CommandOnly=False;DirectOnly=False;Loca lTCP=False" />

    TEST is ODBC. Installed on the server. PGM connects from Client through oledb with server where ODBC installed.

    UpdRel = String
    OLECmd = New OleDb.OleDbCommand(UpdRel, cn)

    I have an exception event handler for duplicate key, oledbexception and general exception. PGM terminates OLECmd and connection.

    Problem when I updating (The programme has updated records allready): Somehow general exception encounters an error: "Is data name and Server available" (something like that)
    When I click Oke programme terminates, but reconnecting to Perv.database is impossible. Even restarting Pervasive PSQL Client Engine doesn't help.
    It looks like something is still running in the background.

    Pervasive V10 installed on server. Time out on Server is 15 min.
    In General waiting for 2 hours suddenly can connect again.
    How can i terminate a waiting thread?

    In PCC is get the error message: Read timed out.

    Any one an idea?
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    If you're getting errors from both PCC and your program, the problem may be network related.

    There's nothing running in the background that would prevent connections that would magically stop after 2 hours.

    It sounds like there's a problem at the server side preventing connections. Post the PVSW.LOG from the server. Also give some times when the error occurred on the client (to compare with the server log).
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    Unfortunatly we don't have a log.
    The server was restarted Sunday which had nothing to do with Pervasive problems. And this morning I got the error again while debugging: Server name en database available? The PVSW.log doesn't tell anything about this happening. NO log. Maybe not well configured.

    Any way, after the error, my programme doesn't get the data. And in PCC i get the error: Read timed out.

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