Warning: Lot of people we shared this info with said - they know about it already but when we confronted them on have they implemented it, more than 80% said they were too busy or too lazy to take action on these steps even though they are well aware of it. This email is not to give you a preaching, this email is just to share what most of us fear about & if only we overcome those fears, laziness,procrastination(attitude to constantly postpone) we may very well achieve the best of results.

So this is just a friendly reminder of essential steps you gotta take when you have next interview scheduled .

I know most of you dont worry about Job Interviews, you guys dont take too much headache when preparing resume. You may be very organized, disciplined & successful kind of guys or girls.

I was not like that & I know there are some for whom the whole Job interview process itself is a painful experience which they have no other go but to experience.

So here are few tips I got from others which indeed helped me to do what was the right thing to do to get Better paying jobs.

Solution was : imagine all the benefits You get if you cleared all the interview rounds & won this Job offer. It could make a big difference in the salary you take home, in your Life style , in the kind of respect you get socially.
Getting a good paying job in a good company changes an individual's life.
So its worth all the pain & all the burden of preparation.
You can spend 10 minutes or more to write a small list of all the cool things
you get if you can win the job & get a good compensation package.

So lets throw away those excuses & take the steps to get things done.

Having years of experience of working on real software projects definitely matters but people ignore the fact that it is not just the experience but the interest in preparing well for their interview which can guarantee them a software job.
what many normally do if they have an interview scheduled.
They just try to revise on their resume.
They will try to prepare on the projects They put in their resume.
They will do some online research about the job opening.
They will try to know more about the company.
They will again take time to revise their resume, they may spend sometime to learn about the topics,the topics which are mentioned in the job description most of the time people don't do anything apart from these above-mentioned activities but they ignore the fact that an interview is a golden opportunity.
Lots of people struggle just to get the resume shortlisted for an interview.
In this recession it is not being easy to get an interview opportunity so when you get an interview from a company which is willing to hire for a good position you must take it very seriously.you must put all the time and also the efforts possible from your side.don't try to come up with excuses.
You need to spend time on what is the most important thing.

Some people don't spend any time to even improvise their resume some even neglect to see once more what has been updated in in their CV.
Many people don't update their resume at all.they are too lazy and they just forward the old resume to any new openings.if someone asked them to spend time to work on the resume they always try to come up with excuses to avoid that .
If somebody is really finding it hard to spend time to work on the resume they must definitely take some additional support or external support from others to make improvements to their resume.most of the times it is the resume that gets the interview.

If you're resume is not good enough then the chances of you being shortlisted for an interview is rare.

Job seekers these days are smart but lazy. They feel they know all the steps They feel they know everything about every other thing. They know how to get job but they are not getting job & they have lots of others to blame for that.

Anyway for those who are interested to know a Tip about not repeating mistakes in Software Job Interview Preparation here is a video. Yes a video which talks about some simple steps which many may think they know about but always ignore to take action on. So go & watch this video to see if you are NOT doing this same mistake when preparing for your next interview.

The Video is on this site now Software Testing Interview Questions Newsletter Its on the homepage which we've updated recenly & this video autoplays as soon as you visit the site. It may need few minutes to buffer & load.

Check out this link too there are 5 frequently asked Software Testing Job Interview question explained in Videos Software Testing Training Online Software Testing Training Videos PDFs Reference Materials

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Wishing you growth in your Career in Software domain (Software testing if thats what you are interested in)

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What people want ?
They want financial & social growth

Many achieve that by having a good job. So getting job which pays well has been No.1 priority of many & some of you may have joined this email list with that same intention.

Here is how we may help. We will be sending frequent emails with tips for Software career & some specific info on Software testing.

To begin with what are the tips for getting a job in Software testing.
1. Manual Software testing is not hard to learn so make sure to spend time to perfect foundation & you got to read the theory & understand them, be able to relate to them & explain if required.

2. Imagine if you get hired by HP to test their latest network product, or you got hired by Microsoft to test their forthcoming Operating system how would you cope with the expectations of such a job.

3. Get serious about your preparation & efforts now 'cause we strongly feel you will get job in Software soon, its just that once you get a job if you dont meet their expectations it wont be good at all.

4. Have someone close (friends or family) track your progress & make sure you update them frequently about how you are approaching your goal of preparing for a job interview or a job change.

5. Track your progress on an online tracking interface like basecamphq.com you dont have to pay anything for that

6. Be in touch with people in the industry who puts down a checklist for you can see how you fare on your milestone achievements

More tips to come soon

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