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    Unanswered: mdf password

    We have a music server that plays our bar music Unfortunately we have changed music suppliers and now they categorize their music differently ie category 2010 instead of category 10s so it has caused so much confusion here we are desperate. Since I am the only one with enough knowledge to know when to ask for help....

    I have determined that the music categories are strode in a mdf file (call songcatagories.mdf) that was the easy part
    Using 2007 Access I try opening the mdf file and it is asking me for a password ??? I have no idea what the password and since our old music suppliers were the manufacturer they won’t give it to us!!! any help?

    I have tried Free Database Viewer, AttachDB Utility 2.0, SQL Password Recovery Tool, SQL Password Recovery Key, Advanced FTP password recovery tool and a few others

    Or even if I can open it will I be able to edit the categories in access or am I just stuffed?

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    If the mdf file is associated with MSAccess security (which has an MDW file for protection), you can open the MDW file and look at the user's name/passwords using the utility in the link below. Otherwise, if the password is embedded into the mdf file itself, I can't help you on that.
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