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    Unanswered: Need HELP in putting PowerPoint Slides into Access with working Command Buttons

    The main gist: I'm trying to take a PowerPoint file of 140 slides, put it into Access, and create Macro command buttons at the end that Print and Email, allowing the person to add their name to this safety course.

    Okay, here's the problem. Someone created a Powerpoint file with 140 slides that is about 'Driver's Safety'. They did a great job with creating the slides and action buttons so that someone taking the course could not get into the file and do any editing. The student has to go through all the slides and answer the questions correctly to get to the last slide that simply says "You're Certified. Print out this form, write your name on it, and send it to the administrator".

    What the person asked for my help on though, is trying to design this into something where the student goes through this whole course of slides and at the end, there is a spot where they can write their name, and then press Submit Email and/or Submit Print, and the certification form gets emailed to the administrator and/or the student can have the cert printed. And I figured that Access was the best choice to accomplish all this.

    Problems so far: I have learned quite a lot about Access if you compare to someone that has never opened it, but nothing, I'm sure compared to most or all of you. So, I cannot figure out how to import each or all of the slides into the Access file which I thought would have been pretty simple. I'm trying to basically keep the same design.

    I think I've figured out how to create the command button for Printing, but not for Emailing. On top of that, should the command Print/Email a Form? a Report? What do you think is a good idea?

    And then I was going to try and take it a step further and create a kind of database table that is automatically populated by the individuals that take this course and pass it.

    I know there are bigger queries that one has in regards to Access, but if any of you can help me out with this, that would be really great.

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    well honestly it seems like a terrible idea + alot of work.... you're putting a triangular block into a square space....

    if it is powerpoint you really want - put a hyperlink in Access to the correct stored file - and when pressed it will launch powerpoint; so they start in Access, the launch PP for the slide show, and then return to Access for completion. As to forms vs reports; reports are passive and so anything requiring a command button needs to be in forms. You need to invest in a textbook on your version of Access and they are easily found in any big box bookstore or Amazon.

    otherwise just consider powerpoint to be your image design app - and copy each of those pics into a standalone jpeg/bmp set of docs -

    put that folder of pics in with your db folder, then integrate these passive files into your Access app once again using the hyperlink field data type or the followHyperlink method....

    in general one never imports images into the db itself - they remain outside and linked to the db.

    keep in mind that hyperlinks are relative - and you want to be sure you know the final resting place of the app so they don't all have to be changed....

    the first approach will be much simpler in launching PP for its role ...

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    To NTC

    NTC, thanks for your reply.

    Yes, a bit of work indeed, but the objective warranted the effort, or hopefully, WILL warrant the effort.

    It doesn't matter which one I use, it's just that this guy created a very good driver's safety course, with images (about 140 slides), and those images are definitely necessary and helpful to the course. I will try the hyperlink thing, and I guess possibly switch between the two. I will try both your suggestions and try to see which works best.

    But the main objective was this: for the individual that just took the course to be able to type his/her name into a text field, and then press SUBMIT - which would send the certificate page with that name by email to the administrator, and also be added to a database table that recorded the people that passed the course. And maybe even for that individual to submit the same page by email to their own email address for record. I figured that Access would be the best solution.

    And yes, I will invest in a textbook. I am quite new with Access but I really want to learn a lot more. And from what I see, it's pretty powerful and pretty incredible.

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